Labour , Youth & Human Resource Development

Kenya intends to create a globally competitive and adaptive human resource base to meet the requirements of a rapidly industrializing economy. This will be done through life-long training and education. As a priority, a human resource data base will be established to facilitate better planning of human resources requirements in the country. Furthermore, steps will be taken to raise labour productivity to international levels. Other steps will include the establishment of new technical training institutions, as well as the enhancement of closer collaboration between industry and training institutions.

The 2030 vision for gender, youth and vulnerable groups is gender equity in power and resource distribution, improved livelihoods for all vulnerable groups, and responsible, globally competitive and prosperous youth. In addition, Kenya aims to capitalise on her international reputation as an “athletic superpower” by opening up the country for top global sports events, encouraged by corporate sponsorship. The Government will provide stricter enforcement of copyright laws in music and the performance arts, and provide facilities for the most talented musicians and actors. The country aims to be a competitive destination for global film producers.

These aims will be realised through the implementation of specific strategies such as: (i) increasing the participation of women in all economic, social and political decision-making processes (e.g. though higher representation in Parliament); (ii) improving access of all disadvantaged groups (e.g., business opportunities, health and education services, housing and justice); and (iii) minimising vulnerabilities through prohibition of retrogressive practices (e.g. female genital mutilation and child labour) and by upscaling training for people with disabilities and special needs.

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