Environment, Water & Sanitation

Kenya aims to be a nation that has a clean, secure and sustainable environment by 2030. This will be achieved through: (i) promoting environmental conservation to better support the economic pillar’s aspirations; (ii) improving pollution and waste management through the application of the right economic incentives; (iii) commissioning of public-private partnerships (PPPs) for improved efficiency in water and sanitation delivery; (iv) enhancing disaster preparedness in all disaster-prone areas and improving the capacity for adaptation to global climatic change.
Kenya is a water-scarce country. The economic and social developments anticipated by Vision 2030 will require more high quality water supplies than at present. The country, therefore, aims to conserve water sources and enhance ways of harvesting and using rain and underground water. The 2030 vision for Water and Sanitation is to ensure that improved water and sanitation are available and accessible to all. This will be realized through specific strategies, such as: (i) raising the standards of the country’s overall water, resource management, storage and harvesting capability; (ii) rehabilitating the hydro-meteorological data gathering network; (iii) constructing multipurpose dams (e.g., on Nzoia and Nyando); and (iv) constructing water and sanitation facilities to support a growing urban and industrial population.

Flagship Projects for 2008-2012
The sector will aim at implementing the following flagship projects within the Plan period:

  • Rehabilitation and protection of indigenous forests in the five (5) Water Towers: Thefive water towers of Mau Escarpment, Mt. Kenya, Aberdare Ranges, Cherangany Hills and Mt.Elgon.
  • Secure wildlife corridors and migratory routes:
  • Preparation of a National Spatial Plan (Land Use Master Plan):
  • Waste management system:
  • Rehabilitation, Regeneration & Restoration of Nairobi Rivers:
  • Water resources information management:
  • Water harvesting and storage programme:
  • Urban Sewerage programme:
  • National water supply and sanitation:
  • Irrigation and drainage:

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