Sector Working Groups (SWG)

The Vision 2030 and the current Medium-Term Plan (2008-2012) set out government’s national vision and priority actions. Together these documents make up the national development plan behind which donors should be aligning in the interest of country ownership and aid effectiveness.

Currently the country has KJAS Development Partner SWGs, Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Medium Term Plan (MTP) sectors which makes harmonization difficult. The Aid Effectiveness Group agreed on using the MTP sectors and currently sector alignment by Development Partners is in process. Majority do not have co-chairmanship and the ultimate objective is to have them all co-chaired by GOK and DPs. Quite active from the DPs side round the year but from government side, only active during the budget preparation process. The SWGs were aligned to MTP sectors in the May 2010 DPF. The AES currently is coordinating the standardization and alignment.

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