Development Partners to coordinate their activities better by avoiding duplication, eliminating fragmentation of aid, simplifying procedures so as reduce transaction costs to governments. In the Paris Declaration 2005, Development Partners committed to jointly work together through coordinated approach at the country level to ease the strain on recipient governments, for example by reducing the large numbers of single field missions, individual analytical works and parallel implementation units (PIUs). The commitment was to strive to channel at least two-thirds of all their support through Programme-Based Approaches (PBAs), joint programmes or Sector Wide Approaches (SWAps). The GoK is leading a Division of Labour (DoL) process that will significantly cut down on aid transaction costs. Development Partners are encouraged to gradually engage in a maximum of four (4) sectors at both national and county governments’ level.  A DoL current engagement analysis has been carried out to establish where DPs are most active and which sectors seem to have less support. It is anticipated that by the end of 2013, a Division of Labour that involves all stakeholders will have been carried out. The GoK is also encouraging more Programme Based Approaches (PBAs) as a preferred modality of aid to multiple individual projects. Already about 66% of all external resources are channeled through the PBAs. The percentage is expected to rise over time. To further reduce transaction costs to GoK and improve coordination, Single Project Implementation Units (SPIUs) is being proposed for implementation in line Ministries and County Governments 




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