Private Sector

The central role of the private sector in advancing innovation, creating wealth, income and jobs, mobilising domestic resources and in turn contributing to poverty reduction. 

Governments are encouraged to engage with representative business associations, trade unions and others to improve the legal, regulatory and administrative environment for the development of private

investment; and also to ensure a sound policy and regulatory environment for private sector development, increased foreign direct investment, public--‐private partnerships, the strengthening of value chains in an equitable manner and giving particular consideration to national and regional dimensions, and the scaling up of efforts in support of development goals.


Private Sector are encouraged to promote aid for trade as an engine for sustainable development, focusing on outcomes and impact to build productive capacities help address market failures strengthen assess to capital markets  and to promote approaches that mitigate risk faced



Private sector are encouraged to participate in the design and implementation of development policies and strategies to foster sustainable growth and poverty reduction. They are further to develop innovative financial mechanisms to mobilise private finance for shared development goals. Representatives of the public and private sectors and related organizations are invited  to play an active role in exploring how to advance both development and business outcomes so that they are mutually reinforcing.


The umbrella body of the Private sector, Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) dialogues with the Govermnet and Development Partners under the Public  Private Partnership inititave to encourage economic growth and development in Kenya. Their link is

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