Government Coordination Group (GCG)

The Government Coordination Group (GCG) will focus on internal coordination across central and line ministries on aid effectiveness and provide guidance to development partners on issues of harmonisation, alignment and coordination. It is aimed at strengthening ownership and participation of senior government officials in the country’s Government-Development Partner dialogue and implementation of aid effectiveness goals towards the achievement of Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda for Action goals.


GCG comprises Permanent Secretaries from line ministries that are implementing externally funded development projects . The committee is currently chaired by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance, with the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Planning and National Development serving as the Deputy Chair of the Group. GCG may co-opt any other Permanent Secretary whenever it is deemed necessary. The Group is to be formally approved by the cabinet. The External Resources Department (ERD) in the Ministry of Finance will regularly brief the GCG on the prevailing economic, aid flows and related issues. A draft cabinet memo towards this purpose had been prepared by the beginning of December 2010. It was constituted in September 2010. Meetings are supposed to be monthly but at the moment very irregular.

The overall objectives of the GCG are two-fold: (1) to provide a high level forum for government to discuss economic, development, and humanitarian issues with a focus on harmonization, alignment and coordination (hac) issues across ministries, and (2) to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of external assistance to Kenya by exchanging information and experiences on key issues and ensuring that clear messages of guidance are communicated to development partners in a coordinated manner and aligned with shared objectives.

Scope of work

    • Provide a high-level forum, composed of Permanent Secretaries representing both central and line ministries, to discuss the latest development policy and aid effectiveness issues of common concern and agree on a way forward.
    • Provide a forum for coordinating government interaction with development partners on cross-cutting issues.
    • Provide a forum for preparing and reviewing the Mutual Accountability Framework (MAF) in tandem with the Donor Coordination Group (DCG) and Aid Effectiveness Group (AEG) and aligned with the Kenya External Resource Policy (KERP – currently under development) and Partnership Principles put forth in the KJAS. 
    • Provide clear guidance on sector definitions and for the sectoral division of labour among development partners, and assist in its periodic review and realignment to national priorities within and between sectors.
    • Provide guidance in the preparation of the semi-annual Development Partnership Forum (DPF) and supervise government role in implementing agreed follow up actions.
    • Provide a forum for the sector groups to raise issues, and
    • Provide strategic direction to the groups
    • Facilitate exchange of information between government sector groups and development partner sector working groups, steering the sector working groups towards joint GOK/DP leadership where this is not already in place.
    • Provide a forum for coordinating government interaction with development partners on issues of crisis management.

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