Where will the funds go?

  • KJAS partners’ support will be focused on three key areas;
  • Infrastructure, private sector development, agriculture and rural development, and sound environmental management.
  • Education, Health, HIV/AIDS, Social protection.
  • Strengthening public sector management and governance in all its dimensions.

KJAS and non KJAS partners will channel most of their support through projects and programs. Some will consider providing general or sector budget support if  governance, fiduciary, and monitoring and evaluation can offer sufficient assurance that the funds will be used for their intendend purpose. KJAS partners will continue to work closely with nonstate actors -  including faith based and civil society organizations, academic, the media, and trade and professional bodies – both to implement and to encourage them to serve as watchdogs to ensure the best outcomes for Kenyans.

The KJAS in itself is aligned to practical results, as well as the Vision 2030

In addition to financial support, KJAS partners will support analytical work and professioanl advice to help the government prioritize expenditures and improve public financial management, governance reforms , and strengthen capacity in key areas to more rapidly achieve Kenya’s development targets and the MDGs. Such work will help inform and prepare the ground for future programmes.

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