What assistance are KJAS partners providing Kenya to help fight corruption?

KJAS partners recognize that strenthened public financial management will effectively reduce corruption and efficeintly lead to sound management of resources. Assistance to strenghten the rule of law, judiciary, electoral processes, local governance, the parliament, the public service together implementation of the government’s Governance Action Plan will substantially reduce corruption. Recogninzng that the Government is ultimately accountable to Kenyans, KJAS and non-KJAS partners are encouraging the Government  to engage civil society in its monitoring and evaluation efforts. KJAS partners are also helping to strengthen citizens’ voices through support for the parliament, media, judiciary, civil society organizations, and the private sector. Finally acknowledging that, where there are bribe-takers, there are bribers, some KJAS partners are publicly listing the names of individuals and companies found to be engaged in corrupt practices, and penalizing them. They are also working to stop money laundering and to recover stolen assets hidden abroad.

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